"It's the one picture everyone jumps up to get (so no pressure!), I recommend working with your wedding cake designer to come up with something your guests will remember and chat about." Gemma, Gemma's Cakes 

I'm really excited to welcome Gemma's Cakes to the blog to share some tips for choosing your wedding cake design.  Hopefully this will give you some helpful ideas. 

1. There is no rush!

wedding cake initials

(Image: Steven Henry)

Most couples have a year or two between getting engaged and their big day.  My advice is to decide who you want to create and design your wedding cake.  Once you’ve chosen, secure your date with them.  They will be able to give you a starting quote and once you have paid your deposit you can relax knowing that your booking is secure.  When it comes to final design and flavours, although I meet with my couples a few months before their wedding, I don’t need final details until a month before the big day.  In our appointment we chat through design and top wedding cake flavours but it’s all very flexible.  I’ve had lots of brides tell me they know the exact design they want, and they won’t change their mind.  Nine times out of ten, they will do just that. And that’s totally fine.  It’s like when I see an outfit I love online, the more I look at it the more I can tire of it. Also, there are some details you might not have decided on yet, for example, bridesmaid dresses, stationery, flowers.  Give it time and everything will come together.


2. Think surroundings

(Flowers: David McConkey)

Study your venue, look at the room and the area designated for your cake display.  Take in any details of the room, e.g. colours, detailing on the walls.  Perhaps it’s a more rustic venue that would lend itself more to a buttercream style cake.  Whereas a stately home would suit a more classic style.  Remember your cake table, you don’t have to go crazy with props.  A few glass jars of flowers or candles added will finish it off perfectly and you can also set your bouquet on there too before you’re seated.  Backdrops are a personal choice and not always essential.  It really depends on the location of the cake table in your venue. 


3. All the little details

wedding cake with fresh flowers

(Image: Kelly McAllister. Flowers: S&Co Flowers)

I love to see things like your wedding stationery and flowers really working together.  A favourite of mine is to add the initials from your stationery to the cake and hand paint them.  Perhaps if you have watercolour on your invitations you could add some to your cake and cookie favours too.  It’s all those little details that never go unnoticed on the day.  It’s not essential to incorporate your bridesmaid colour, a plain iced cake with fresh flowers can make a real statement, less is always more.


4. Fresh Flowers or Sugar?

wedding cake sugar flowers northern ireland

This is a tricky one, I love how fresh flowers bring everything together, the cake, the bouquets, the centerpieces.  I also love sugar flowers as I know the hours of work that goes into them to create that finished look.  It’s very much a personal choice.  If choosing fresh you should order these with your florist so the flowers on the cake match with your bouquets etc.  Your cake designer will be able to advise on additional cost of sugar flowers.


5. Trust your designer

wedding cake northern ireland

(Image: Sarah Fyffe. Flowers: Cherry Blossom Flowers)

This is easier for some than others.  I have been so fortunate with the couples I work with.  They know my style and they tend to like the same things.  If your cake designer tells you something won’t work, listen to them.  They can visualise your finished cake in their head.  I have discovered from working with my husband for years that not everyone has this skill.  I try not to let John see a cake until it’s finished (he is my biggest critic lol).  You want the design to flow, rather than look like three or four different cakes sitting on top of each other.  Most of all choose someone you like, follow their social media, send them a message or an email.  Think about response times and the detail and service they provide.  Your wedding cake designer is another important supplier for your big day so choose wisely!


If you would like to get in touch with Gemma about your wedding cake you can find her on Instagram and Facebook, tell her Stacey sent you and maybe she'll send me cake lol. Have fun designing your wedding cake ladies!

Love Stacey xx