What if I told you I could recommend the perfect lip colour for you? 

I am LOVING the new delilah Cosmetics Lip Saviour - a colour enhancing lip oil with clever pH adaptive technology that gives your lips a tint totally bespoke to you! It is magic! 

Here's the science bit...

pH-adaptive technology is like a chameleon for your lips. It reacts with your skin's natural pH level, creating a lipstick shade that's tailor-made just for you. Yes, you heard that right – Lip Saviour will look a different on you than on your BFF, making it super personalized.

Lip Saviour takes away the confusion of knowing what lip colour suits you best as it will give you the perfect lip colour every time.

I am loving applying this to my clients, it literally transforms in front of your eyes and I've saw client's lips turn stunning shades on pink, blush, rose and coral - it's fascinating! One product that suits EVERYONE!

The question is... how will it look on you? Get yours today and find out! Share a photo on your socials and tag me and #sakmakeup

Stacey xx