What a year it has been! 

I still can't quite get over that I am raising my children during a pandemic and that everything came to a stand still overnight including my business. But I will forever be grateful for the many opportunities 2020 brought; precious family time, a beautiful new rebrand and online store, many many new and amazing brands for you to enjoy and a real sense of community spirit and love. I am of course sad for all those faces I didn't get to work on, for all my lovely brides who haven't had their wedding days yet...hang tight, those days will come again and my goodness will we enjoy them! 

If there is one thing 2020 has taught us it is that our health is our wealth. 

I am so so grateful to everyone who has enabled my business to get through this year and has showed me incredible support, THANK YOU! You are what keeps me going on the most difficult days! You are the reason I do what I do and love what I do. You are AMAZING and I cannot thank you enough. 

Wishing you all a wonderful and safe Christmas and hopefully 2021 will bring you health, happiness and hope for brighter times ahead.


Stacey xx