Be the best version of you on your wedding day with my dos and don'ts!

It is vital you feel amazing on your wedding day. It is vital you enjoy every single moment of your day and planning. Having the right team behind you will allow you to relax and enjoy the process. Having the right makeup artist, someone who will help you look and feel incredible, is so important! When you look and feel amazing, you feel confident, your happiness radiates, you will ultimately have the most amazing day and love looking back at photos and reliving those moments! But how do you pick your makeup artist? 

I have been a bridal makeup artist in Ireland for over 13 years and have worked with hundreds of brides and experienced most scenarios on a wedding morning. Below are my dos and don'ts for picking the right makeup artist for you.

best bridal makeup artist northern ireland
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If you are lucky enough to have had friends and family who have been married recently there is no better place to start than to ask for their recommendations! Positive and negative feedback are equally beneficial on knowing if someone meets what you are looking for.

I recommend looking for a makeup artist that is not only incredible at bridal makeup but also one who has experience, who is punctual, who is organised and will give you a professional service from point of contact to your wedding day. 

Research online. Social media is a wonderful place to find many talented wedding suppliers. But also be aware, social media presents the best of everything, it presents what a company wants to show you, so I always recommend researching further.  When it comes to makeup be aware of filters. You want to see images of real life brides with no filters to get a true feel for your makeup artists style. 

Ask your suppliers! If you want reassurance and recommendations ask your wedding suppliers such as your photographer, hair stylist etc who they can recommend, from experience, for wedding makeup. They will have first hand experience on who is the best makeup artist and will only recommend makeup artists they trust!


Social media is a popularity contest. This does not necessarily mean the artists with higher followers are better than those with less! Choose Quality over Quantity. If choosing via social media look at 1) their content - do they show bridal work? 2) reviews - read what real brides have said and how they found their experiences 3) their personality - do you get a feel for the person? Are they the type of person you can relate to? 4) their style - does it match yours?  

best bridal makeup artist northern ireland

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Want your makeup to be natural? Amazing! Choose an artist who specialises in natural bridal makeup. Prefer a heavier contoured look? Perfect - select an artist who's style matches the look you envisage. Always wear a signature strong lip? My advice is keep this for your wedding day or you may regret it! Choose an artist who can confidently work with your skin tone. Never try something new or wear a style you won't feel comfortable with because you feel you have to, this will show in your body language. Bridal makeup is about being the best version of you!  

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My recommendation for getting in touch is via email. Social media is great for having initial conversations but emails make it much easier to keep track! Picking up the phone is such a good way to have initial chats also, it will give you a much better feel for someone especially if you are particularly nervous about your bridal makeup, it can easily let you know if you connect with a person. 


The temptation is real. Perhaps you're overwhelmed with choice? If you feel like sending out 'blanket emails' to many makeup artists is how to narrow down your search, my advice is to stop. Revisit your research. Why are you contacting so many? This will not only confuse you in terms of who you have contacted but keeping track of this could ultimately mean you won't get the right match. Narrow your search down to up to 3 makeup artists, touch base, tell them about your plans. Wait on their responses and make an educated decision about who best fits your needs. If your favourite makeup artist isn't available, ask them for recommendations and follow through on their advice as we have a wealth of experience to share. 

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Stating the obvious with this one but I know wedding planning is a big task and things can get overlooked and life happens. I have brides who book me as soon as they secure their venue, others maybe a few months before. Brides will have different lists of priorities. There is no right or wrong time frame for booking your wedding suppliers. However, as soon as you know the right makeup artist for you - snap them up! Our diaries do book years in advance and a small booking fee will give you peace of mind you are getting who you want. You can never be too early to secure the perfect team for your dream wedding! 

 bridal makeup northern ireland

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I hope this helps! 

If your style of bridal makeup is natural, flawless, timeless makeup then get in touch I'd love to chat about your wedding plans! 

Stacey xx