The most asked question when I do Makeup Masterclasses has to be how to cover dark under eye circles! 

Depending on the severity of the problem a regular concealer may be the answer (try Sculpted by Aimee Brighten Up Concealer or Delilah Take Cover Concealer) but if concealer still isn’t solving your problem then follow these simple steps! 


Hydrate the under-eye area with an eye cream. My current favourite is Senna Sculpting Eye Cream. 
Eye cream

This lightweight eye treatment cream is small but mighty. Apple Stem Cells help stimulate skin’s natural regeneration at the cellular level to make it look younger and firmer. Peptides stimulate regeneration to help prevent new lines and wrinkles from forming. Fennel Extract helps reduce under eye puffiness and dark circles. Super antioxidant replenishing oils of Olive and Grapeseed protect and restore smooth, soft texture. Sodium Hyaluronate prevents moisture loss to keep the tender eye area resilient and radiant. Makes eyes look rested, more awake, and lifted.

Colour Correct 

Under eye colour corrector  How to hide dark circles under eyes

Dark circles under the eyes generally present themselves with blue/grey/purple undertone. To cancel this colour out you need to colour correct. Use a specific colour corrector such as the NEW Sculpted by Aimee Brighten Up Colour Corrector. Pink tones will cancel out green. Peach tones will cancel out blue. Orange/red tones will cancel out under-eye dark circles on deeper skin tones. The Sculpted colour correctors have a beautiful creamy consistency and a little product goes a long way. Simply tap a small amount over the dark circles to cancel out the undertone. 


By colour correcting first your concealer has less work to do and will brighten the under-eye area leaving you refreshed and looking bright, awake and youthful. I recommend Sculpted by Aimee Brighten Up Concealer or Delilah Take Cover Concealer. 
Best concealer Delilah take cover

Hope this helps!


Stacey xx