Choosing the correct foundation is not an easy task and colour matching is an investment worth getting right to have your skin looking beautiful, youthful and flawless! 

Below are my top tips on choosing the correct foundation shade:

  1. Match your foundation in natural daylight!
  2. Know your skin undertone - does your skin have a pink, yellow or neutral undertone? 
  3. Match to your jawline but pay attention to your decolletage if this is darker than your neck. 
  4. Your foundation shade may change throughout the year so it can be worth investing in two shades and custom blending to suit your skin tone. 
  5. If you wear tan you may need an additional foundation shade to match this. 

Colour matching services are available at the studio by appointment.

I also offer an online service; simply email me a picture of your face makeup free in natural daylight and tell me your current foundation and shade and I will colour match you correctly to the brands I retail.  

Love, Stacey xx