Summer events are well underway and that means FACE PAINTING galore! 

tiger face paint spiderman face paint princess face paint

But do you know how to safely remove face paint? 

I have worked as a children's face painter across Ireland for over 20 years! I am a proud member of FACE, the Face Painting Association and have always been dedicated to helping and improving face painting standards across Ireland.  

One of the BIGGEST MISTAKES we see when it comes to removing children's face painting is reaching for baby wipes! I'm a parent, I get it, they're handy! BUT... did you know this could heighten your child's risk of taking an allergic reaction? Not only that, baby wipes actually push the pigment of the paint deeper into the skin and can cause enhanced staining! 

So, how do you remove face paint easily? Simply, use soap and water and a face cloth. Swipe the paint away from the face and repeat with a clean section of cloth and repeat the process gently until the face paint is removed. 

One of the BEST PRODUCTS ON THE MARKET specifically designed to remove face paint is this: 

SKINDEX CLEANface paint remover

It is also worth noting that face paint is most suitable for children aged 3+

Hope this helps! Have a safe and fun summer! 

Love Stacey xx