Tinting your eyebrows is a fabulous way to enhance shape and colour without the need for everyday product.

View my video on Instagram and follow my simple steps below...

πŸ’• Only use professional eyebrow tinting products. I use Eylure which is fantastic and very affordable!
πŸ’• Read manufacture guidelines!
πŸ’• Carry out a patch test 48 hours prior to tint. Follow instructions.
πŸ’• Cleanse area first.
πŸ’• I apply a barrier cream (such as Vaseline) to the surrounding area firstly to prevent excess staining.
πŸ’• Mix up product according to instructions.
πŸ’• Use spooly in the kit to comb product through brows. I also used a brow brush to β€˜paint’ my desired shape and fill any gaps.
πŸ’• Leave product on to develop for desired time according to instructions.
πŸ’• Wipe away product using damp cotton pad.
πŸ’• Results should last up to 3 weeks.

Gorgeous brows, minimal effort! πŸ’•

In my video I have used a Dark Brown tint. I highly recommend Blonde for lighter hair shades. If you have fair hair - do not leave on too long! If your tint is too light when removed repeat and build colour rather than ending up with brows that are too dark πŸ™ˆ I do still comb delilah brow shape (gel) through my brows when doing my makeup but love this result for makeup free days πŸ’•

Β Love Stacey xx