It is that time of year again...when the face paints come out to create Spooktacular designs! 

This year may be a little different, especially as professional makeup artists and face painters / close contact services are prohibited to work so I expect there will be a rise in DIY face painting! So, lots of fun to be had! But here's some advice from a professional...

  1. Only use professional face paints. Avoid face paint crayons and cheaper supermarket brands. I recommend Snazaroo as a great starter brand. 
  2. If using glitter on your designs, use cosmetic grade glitter - never use craft glitters on the face!
  3. Face painting is always only recommended for children aged 3+.
  4. If applying DIY special effects makeup; be careful! You will see lots of inspiration on social media using sharp objects protruding from skin to replicate horrific accidents and injuries. As gruesome as these are and very fitting for the Halloween season I would avoid using sharp objects (such as tin cans) to give this illusion for your own safety. If you fall, you could end up with these injuries for real! 
  5. Removing face paint - NEVER use baby wipes for removing face paint. ALWAYS remove face paint using soap and water and a face cloth. Some colours may linger, simply rewash the area gently. 


Love, Stacey xx