Show someone you care with a S.A.K. Selfcare Box! 

The Positivi-Tea Edit has been designed to be gifted to someone you love to encourage them to take some time out and relax. Selfcare is so vital for our mental health however can be overlooked with the pressures of every day life. To receive a box in itself will no doubt bring joy to the recipient but taking those 5 - 30 minutes me time is easier when encouraged to do so.

Each box contains:

1 x Spacemask

1 x Positivity Wish Bracelet (designs vary)   

1 x Rose Quartz stone

3 x Signature Suki Teas

3 x Lindor Strawberries & Cream Chocolates

1 x Handmade Macrame Mini Wall Hanging / Christmas Decoration (designs & colours will vary)

Each box is personalised and can include a message. Please note each box is lovingly put together by hand and personalisation and style may vary.

UK postage is included in price, please select SELFCARE BOX at checkout if this is the only item you are purchasing. If you are purchasing multiple items please complete shipping as normal. [Boxes are letterbox size.] 

Please email recipients address and details of who your Selfcare Box is To/From to with your order number. We will personalise and post on your behalf. 

It's the little things that mean so much...


Stacey xx