Do you need help preparing to get back to work and working safely? 

Makeup should be fun, creative and inspiring. But it should also be clean and safe. You shouldn’t have to worry about picking up a nasty bacterial infection when you put on your lipstick or mascara in the morning or when getting ready for a special occasion. But, without sanitized makeup products, brushes, tools and accessories, that’s exactly what could happen, especially when applying to unclean skin, eyes and face.

Luckily, help is at hand. The Pro Hygiene Collection® is the first complete range of specially-designed hygiene and sanitizing products for makeup, tools and accessories and is ideal for both personal use and by makeup and beauty professionals, helping keep you and the industry professionally clean.

Created by industry and business professionals because we believe Clean Is Beautiful®.

  • Quality, professional, affordable
  • Made in the UK
  • Independently laboratory tested and proven effective against 99.99% of bacteria, providing the best possible protection
  • High-quality design aesthetics – professional, clean and elegant
  • Easy, convenient and effective
  • Quick dry makeup brush cleaner, deep cleaning shampoo for brushes and makeup tools, makeup sanitizer for makeup and hard beauty tools, all in one makeup remover and no-rinse hand sanitizer
  • Loved by consumers and industry experts
  • Affordable, cost effective 360 degree beauty hygiene solution.

Products sold separately and in a discounted salon starter set. 

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'Work Safe; Save Lives'

Love Stacey xx