The Soap Story Soap Sponges

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Our vegan handmade soap sponges are perfect for bath, shower and travel. Good for over 50 uses and  available in over 30 fragrances. Which will you choose?

Our Vegan Soap Sponges are simply fabulous - they're easy, long lasting and convenient, plus they are in recycled packaging!

Unicorn Sparkling Soap Sponge

Don't want the hassle of a shower gel and a shower puff? Look no further! Our gently exfoliating sponge filled with solid glycerin soap is the answer! Plus, our Unicorn products have a sweet fruity scent with notes of peach, red fruits and sugary vanillia.

Be a unicorn ... beautiful, colourful and magical!

Top: Peach, orange

Middle: Raspberry, sweet

Base: Coconut, musk, vanilla, sugar

Avocado Super Soap Sponge is really nourishing due to the extra Aloe Vera, Hemp Oil and of course Avocado Oil for extra hydration, plus the wonderfully soothing avocado fragrance.

Sleepie Super Soap Sponge

This Super Soap Sponge uses our vegetable glycerin base to lock in the natural moisture of the skin. It has fresh, herbal lavender fragrance, with a touch of soft musks and fresh eucalyptus - For just that little bit more relaxation.

It also contains Lavender, Chamomile, Patchouli , Listea Cubea, Eucalyptus and Petigrain essential oils!

Need an extra gentle soap?

Aloe Vera Super Soap Sponge

Sometimes what you need is simplicity, a effective but extra gentle product without strong fragrance and colours.

This is what you will find right here, this soap sponge is loaded with skin kind Aloe Vera, uncoloured and has the slightest whiff of our allergen free watermelon fragrance. Described as a gentle fresh and green aroma with notes of cucumber, exotic melon, delicate peach, and fruity strawberry.  

Perfect for gentle daily exfoliation, fabulous as part of a self tan routine and so easy and convenient for travel making it a real keeper!

How to use: Lather over the body, rinse well, avoid contact with the eyes. For external use only.

Our super soap sponge packaging pod is made from post consumer recycled plastic that is widely recyclable in your kerbside recycling bin!