The Soap Story Wonder Whipped Soap Vanilla Mallow

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Treat yourself with our Vanilla Mallow Wonder Whip Soap with its sensual, soft and powdery fragrance of vanilla and musks. So what exactly is so amazing you ask? well listen up...

Introducing our amazing multi talented whipped soap. How will you use yours .?

1. A foamy body wash: use on your hands or in a sponge
2. A frothy foam bath: scoop out a bit and squish in the water or under the tap
3. A fabulous shampoo: massage some into damp hair and rinse away
4. A fantastic shaving foam: lather up on your skin, shave, and rinse away

Not only is the whipped soap a fantastic product, but a little of it also goes a long way! It replaces so many other products (saving YOU money) Plus its in a recyclable pot and lid!!