Senna Skincare Exfoliating Cleanser

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  • Triple fruit acids and gentle Jojoba beads purify and exfoliate without over drying
  • Glycolic Acid is a top anti-aging ingredient that resurfaces skin and fade discolorations
  • Antibacterial Salicylic Acid keeps skin free of impurities and helps blemishes
  • Makes skin feel super clean, soft, smooth and glowing

This is the mega cleanser for dull, congested skin and the perfect alternative cleanser for keeping skin smooth and radiant. The rich lathering formula smells like delicious grapefruit and gets down to the deepest surface layers to lift away stubborn impurities and dull, dead skin cells. Triple fruit acids AHA/BHA (Glycolic, Salicylic, and Lactic) exfoliate to loosen the skin glue in pores to make them surrender the oils, bacteria, and dead skin while gentle Jojoba beads purify without over drying. (6.88 PH)


GLYCOLIC ACID (AHA): superb skin resurfacer removes dull, dead cells to reveal brighter, clearer skin tone as well as smooth lines and wrinkles.

SALICYLIC ACID (BHA): the purifying, protecting natural antibacterial that improves blemished skin and unlocks skin’s rough surface to super exfoliate and renew.

LACTIC ACID (AHA): helps reduce lines and wrinkles, blemishes, and signs of sun damage.

JOJOBA BEADS: soft round exfoliating beads boost lifting action without any abrasion of the skin while releasing moisture on to the skin.

GRAPEFRUIT PEEL OIL: brightening and aromatic for a fresh, clean sensation.

AROMA: Grapefruit Peel Oil & Orange Peel Oil.